This is the place where many builders get very opinionated, and sometimes a little close-minded. Everybody has their ideas about tone. For sure, I have my opinions, but I am careful to recognize that there are different tones and a few different ways to get there.

After being a professional musician for over 30 years, and a builder and technician for over 25, I have developed a strong understanding of how various, often minute factors – from circuit board material to resistors to transformers to speakers – ultimately affect sound and feel. Having appreciated and played a wide variety of music, from rock and country through jazz-rock fusion, I have considered it a challenge to capture the tone and feel of many styles and types of music.

All my amps are point-to-point wired for a number of reasons. Primarily, I believe that this method produces superior tone and allows the widest variety of sound options. As well, it allows for more accurate response and tracking. Finally, it allows for greater reliability and ease of repair.

Different components are used in different designs to produce the desired end result. As an example, the Clean channel of the 30 Watt Morris Muscle amp uses 1 watt NOS Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors, while the distortion channel uses carbon film resistors combined with polypropelene capacitors (instead of polyester) to keep the noise down and tighten up the response in some areas. Getting an accurate old Tweed style voicing requires Allen Bradley NOS carbon composition resistors or Ohmite with a paper laminate circuit board, and solid core wire. All the little pieces make a difference.


Glen C. Morris graduated from George Brown College (Toronto) in 1986 with the Electronic/Audio Equipment Certificate.


All MORRIS amplifiers and pedals are ESA or CSA certified. Every product is inspected, and tested. All components are CSA certified. CSA is very stringent about the quality of components, and we only use approved parts. This makes for a very solid and safe product. No cutting corners.


MORRIS amps use a variety of output and power transformers, from custom designed Mercury Magnetics models to Hammonds. Most output transformers are Mercury Magnetics, custom designed for MORRIS exclusively.

Cabinets are custom made for MORRIS AMPLIFICATION by Mojo Musical Supply. Both combo and extension speaker cabs are made from pine or Baltic Birch, depending on the target sound.