The original Mo-Jo was a single channel, clear, simple hand wired amp that was designed specifically for Joe Perry of Aerosmith. It is loud and was pushing a Marshall(tm) 8×10 cab on its first tour and then 4×12 cabs for the second leg and world dates. So it is at home with 10s or 12s and is specifically geared towards Greenbacks. For more clean headroom G12H30s and Vintage 30s give more attack and clarity before breakup. The Mo-Jo has no negative feedback, which gives a great transition from clean to distortion with just your guitar’s volume control. It is also cathode biased and running as close to Class A as you can get.

Two new features have been added to the production model to provide more flexibility for club and home players alike.

First is a second volume control (footswitchable) to give more headroom and less aggression for clean and rhythm playing. This new volume gives a sweeter tone that is a tad less British at the same time. It is like having a second channel that serves as your clean to crunch. Players have described it as having a bit more ‘bounce’ too.

Second is the MAC (Master Attenuation Circuit). The MAC allows you to capture the tone and feel of the Mo-Jo at any volume, making the Mo-Jo fully compatible with any other amp in regard to volume. No longer is the 33/18/8 watt switch needed!! This circuit was designed because of the two ft. switchable volume controls. Whereas, with an outboard attenuator, even when the amp is set clean and you attenuate, the sound becomes more and more distorted, with the MAC control this does not happen. Therefore the balance between the ft. switchable two volume controls is not lost.

This amp is a great pedal format, taking overdrives and fuzzes equally well, and when cranked it can go into all day sustain. Some of the most glorious sounds the Mo-Jo has to offer start dancing about when you’re playing in the clean mode, riding the edge of distortion with intense note bloom, overtones and harmonics all controlled with the greatest of ease by your fingertips. It’s a purely magnificent sound that is on par with the incredible tones the Mo-Jo breathes from its higher gain channel.

The MoJo boasts a superior quality of tone that few amps have ever achieved. If you want the best, the Mo-Jo is a must.


  • One channel, two volume controls (foot switchable – one original aggressive, one cleaner with more headroom)
  • 1 x GZ34/5AR4
  • 2 x EL34 cathode biased
  • 3 x 12AX7- Volume 1, volume 2, treble, bass, mids, presence, MAC
  • 4/8/16 output impedance, no negative feedback
  • Dimensions: (H) 10 3/4″ x (W) 29″ x (D) 8-1/4″