It all started back in 1961 with a Kent mahogany body electric guitar and a DeArmond R5 combo amp – 5 watts with one 10″ Jensen Alnico speaker. Little did Glen Morris know how much tone he had in his hands back then!


As Glen progressed in years, learning Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Deep Purple, Santana, Jeff Beck Group, and most of the bands in the 60’s and 70’s, he was fortunate to play through all types of amps. In came the ‘fusion’ of John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Jeff Beck, Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, Yes, etc., broadening the whole spectrum of tones and distortion for guitar players. This opened up a love for not just rock, but jazz, country, funk, latin styles, and more. Through all of this, Glen kept looking for his own signature sound and style.

Glen ended up travelling across the country to play in a band on the west coast. Here he came across a 1955 Fender Bassman that had been brought up from California. That was it! For years it was Glen’s main amp. He still has it.

In 1985, to further explore his sound obsession, Glen went to college to get a degree in electronics. The timing was right; he studied under a master from the old school, straight from the Ukraine, whose teachings were heavily rooted in vacuum tubes, from TV to radio to audio. As well, Glen’s father was the head of the electronics division for a large steel company, and had been involved in the new evolution of radar during the war, so Glen had an excellent sounding board.

Glen started repairing electronics for music stores, picking up all makes of amps along the way and modding them for himself and other serious musicians. Eventually, he went to work for a major music store and spent 14 years as an electronics technician, during which time he became an authorized warranty tech for Fender, Marshall, Yamaha, Yorkville (Traynor), and others.

In 2000, Glen started Morris Custom Electronics and Morris Amplification. In 2005, he decided to start a production line of amps.

By working with companies such as Mercury Magnetics, Mojo Tone, and others, Glen has had exclusive transformers and cabinets made for him to tailor the character of his amps and sounding boards.

MORRIS amplifiers are completely hand wired on eyelet or turret boards, letting the amp breathe with a three-dimensional quality. Glen believes the layout of wiring ‘horizontally and vertically’ is just as important as the circuit design itself.

All MORRIS amplifiers are ESA or CSA certified. Every product is inspected, and tested. All components are CSA certified. CSA is very stringent about the quality of components, and MORRIS only uses approved parts. This makes for a very solid and safe product. No cutting corners!

The Morris Philosophy

I love the beautiful, clean twang of a Tele played through an old Tweed-style combo. I also love the harmonic overtone possibilities in preamp distortion. I have my preferences – but I appreciate different kinds of music and players. I build amps that let the player and the guitar express their own special tone. A great amp should always be a joy to play, challenging the player to reach for the next level. I am only interested in making great amps and will not compromise my standards and reputation.

Glen C. Morris